Friday, March 19, 2010

What you can do with an old canister

One day this past summer I decided to clean out some kitchen cupboards and then it hit me literally right in the face.  A tin canister fell out and hit my face.  Now this may sound like a stupid story but the can was red and had the cutest rooster designs on it.  I thought to myself, what could I do with this old thing?  I should just throw it out.  But that is not being very green, I could recycle it and use it in a cute piece of jewelry.  Then the light in my head went on, i could find old canisters at the thrift store and recycle them into jewelry.  So that is what I did.  I hate to say it but the obsession thing took over. I now have way to many of these canisters and need to start using them up or making jewelry from them. 
        My son Jordan who is very creative decided that he would make a bracelet out of these canisters and included 44 disks on one bracelet.  It jingled like the belly dancer jewelry and was very popular at the market.  Well it sold really quick so then he had to make another one and it sold too. I am going to have to put him to work to make some more of these.  I will post a picture in an upcoming blog.  For my necklaces I used plumbing pipe from the hardware store and cut it out for the base of these necklaces.  I then soldered a jump ring on top and bottom to hang the pendent and beads from.  I put the pipe through an aging process to make them look old.  Now the question is, how do I use up all these canisters?

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