Sunday, March 21, 2010

Recycling Vintage Jewelry

My message today is about recycling.  I like to recycle vintage jewelry and came up with a few of these fun necklaces to share with the readers of my blog.  When I think about keys I wonder where they have been.  My imagination runs wild with pictures in my mind of  a time long ago where these people had much different lives then our own,  How did they dress, what kind of jewelry did they wear, what kind of house did they live in and what their lives where like?
        To me keys are symbolic.  I like to think of how keys open doors in our lives. What do you have to put into the door to get it to open? and what will come from putting in the effort?  What we do now to get the door to open is really important to our future as well as our children's.  How will we be perceived by people in the future and what will our lives represent to others? 
      Will be looked at as the big society of overuse and waste?  This reminds me of  one of my favorite books I used to read to my kids.  The book is called, The Wump World.  In this book people over consume everything around them and throw their garbage everywhere. The world becomes a big dumping ground, and is overtaken by waste and most living things die. Finally someone decides to take responsibility for what is going on around them.  The book has a great message for kids.

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