Monday, March 22, 2010

I received a copy in the mail of the premiere edition of a Jewelry Affaire.  I was looking through the magazine and to my surprise my jewelry was on page 16 &17.  I have not seen these necklaces for over a year and have been asking for them to be returned but no one seemed to know where the necklaces had gone.  I had sent the necklace to Belle Armoire Jewelry back in January of 2009.  I thought that they be missing and I would never see them again.  I tend to get attached to things I make.  It was a wonderful surprise to see them published and to know they have been located.  I am posting another one that I have made that was in my collection.  I have about 500 pieces of handmade jewelry just waiting to take with me to the Ogden market this summer and may do Park City but am not sure I will have time.  I have some other things going on right now and am waiting to see how it all plays out.  I hope my readers enjoy this necklace and please leave your comments.


  1. This necklace is stunning! Congratulations on being featured in Jewelry Affaire.

  2. Beautiful necklace. I love all of your work. xoxo Pink

  3. These are my favorite! Loves and hugs, Mom!