Sunday, November 13, 2011

Paper Mache Snowmen

I just recently attended Terri Brush's paper mache and soldering class.  We made little paper mache pieces, including snowmen, santa, birds, owls, dolls, ect.  The class was three days long and the second night several of the ladies and I went shopping at:" The Bed of Roses" store in Farmington, UT and then went to dinner at the Mandarine resturant.  Unfortunately life got in the way on the third day and I was unable to attend. I was really sorry to have missed the third day and stressed about missing class. I love taking classes and getting to know other people with the same interests as me.  I still feel sad that I could not be there but decided to make the best of things and was able to work on my pieces last evening and am just about finished.  I still need to solder the glass on top of the little boxes and make the glass box to put some of the snowmen in.  I love this medium  and have plans to make some more figurines for the holidays. For those of you that do not know Terri, she is a great instructor and lives in Washington state and teaches lots of workshops.  I hope she comes back next year (hint, hint) A big thanks to Lorraine who hosted the class and cooked up some fantastic food and deserts. She is a wonderful cook and did a great job taking care of us. To see Terri's upcoming classes go to:

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  1. Hi: We missed you on Saturaday! Hope everything is okay with your daughter? I had to leave early Sat. because of the snow...didn't want to drive home on snowy roads, he he. I worked on some of the things today! It was a great workshop! Glad to get to visit with you while there.