Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Micheal DeMeng's Class

I do not know where October went and am finally trying to get caught up on things. I cannot believe it is already November with everything going on.  In Sept (that is how far behind I am) I had the opportunity to go to the art-is-you retreat in Petaluma, CA. I took a class with Micheal DeMeng called pretty vial things.  We transformed bottles into fun and scary works of art. 

This is my bottle with the skeleton and I decided to step out side the box a little and do something scary.  I put dolls eyes inside the sockets of the skeleton and painted them red.  On the bottom is a transparency of the man the skeleton belongs too.  I used the hair from the dolls head to fill the inside of the bottle.  Clay and an old stamping was used to do the scrimshaw pattern on  the bottle. It was so much fun and Micheal has a great sense of humor and is a fun instructor.
This is the front of Diana Frey's bottle which I really liked.
Don't you just love the one with the eyeball.  How creepy is that?
The middle bottle is Riki Shumaker's and the fleur de li belongs to Debby Anderson. I loved this class and want to take more classes with Micheal in the future and I hope I get the oppportunity.

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  1. I so wanted to go to art is you! I love the bottles. I took one of his classes several years ago. He is an awesome teacher!