Saturday, November 19, 2011

Steampunk Hearts

Added to my etsy shop for the first time are my steampunk hearts.  I made these to send into Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine and they are going to be published in two magazines.  In Jan 2012 the hearts will appear in Belle Amoire, the artistry of clothing and assessories, & in March 2012 the hearts will be in Belle Armoire Jewelry.  I have only made a limited amount of these and have about 10 left including the five that were sent into the magazine.  I spent a lot of time creating and designing these hearts. If you are interested in any of these let me know. Not all of the ones in the picture are available but I have a few more available that are not pictured. Please see my etsy shop for more pictures.


  1. How very beautiful!!!
    Congrats on getting them published and most importantly getting them back, sometimes thats the hardest part of getting published, sending off originals and hoping you'll see them again.
    I would be interested in maybe picking one up, do you have a price and pictures of what ones you have left?

  2. I have some on etsy, but your welcome to come over and look at them. I can give you a better price. It is easier to choose if you see them up close.

  3. I made a resin bracelet recently using vintaj game piece bezels and some of my favorite watch pieces, and these heart pendants you are making seriously make my bracelet look like arts and crafts at summer camp or something. I LOVE the layers and the fullness of yours. I think a lot of people don't understand how hard it is to do these designs and have them come out looking very balanced and draw the eye in and still be pretty enough for jewelry use as well, and you have nailed it!

    @Debbie - I almost had a panic attack when I mailed off my first piece!! lol but luckily it arrived back safely this was gone awhile, about 5 months, that is very, very hard...but it was worth it. : ) I haven't ever submitted to any magazine other than Bead Trends, do you have any you'd recommend me to try?

    Lastly - Denise you should submit some of these to a steampunk magazine or special issue. I bought one last fall that everyone was raving about, and your pendants stand up to what was in the magazine for sure, and they didn't even have a lot of resin stuff, it was mostly metal clay and whatnot.

  4. Thanks for the good ideas! I have had pieces at magazines that could not be found and finally recieved them after 15 months. I sent them into one magazine and they gave them to another one of thier publications and I opened up another magazine one day and they were in there and I had no idea what had happened. What steampunk magazine?