Thursday, February 9, 2012

Art Studio Pictures

I have been having problems with my computer but I think I have the computer issues fixed now. I love technology but it can be a real pain when things go wrong.  I ended up deleting some posts in the process. The top picture is from the old studio downstairs which is still not completely cleaned up.  I have been working on moving my studio upstairs the last few months. I painted in a charcoal grey last year and finally got around to getting things moved upstairs. I still have to hang a few things on the walls. I bought organizers at Michael's and have tons of storage place for all the beads and components. I love the storage cubes and the work great for beads.   It seems like no matter what I am creating I often times still do not have the right shape, size, color or component to make what I want. I have 22 plastic organizer boxes of beads that I have been collecting for over 10 years and you would think I had everything I need. I girl can never have too many beads and findings. 

A lot of what you see in my studio I created at art retreats or purchased from other artists.  The dolls hanging on the wall are from my good friend JoAnna Pierotti. You can find her blog at: She is a full time artist and teaches at many retreats around the country. JoAnna is really a great artist/person and fun to hang out with. If you have the opportunity to take classes with her I would jump on it. 

I bought a new table for my studio and waited almost two months for it to be delivered but when it showed up I knew it was just right for my studio. The table is wrought iron and has reclaimed wood on the top and I love anything that is vintage or with a vintage look. I also picked up the french bakers table that has my jewelry displayed on it at a local antique store.  The table is an original patisserie table from the late 1800's that  used to display all the yummy desserts. I like to imagine the French street where the bakery was located and all the beautiful French architecture. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era.  It reminds me of the movie "Midnight in Paris." What a fantasy to be able to get into a car and go back to the place in time you dream of being.


  1. I thought I spotted and Pierotti doll hoarder in that pic, lol. I adore her work. I was lucky enough to win an angel ornament from her a while back and I treasure it. Your studio is turning out great! Thanks for sharing a peak.

  2. Enjoyed seeing your great work space - thanks for sharing. I am in the process of trying to create a small work space instead of cluttering my dining table so often, and have come to a stand still. Looking forward to seeing what you do.

  3. As you can tell I am a big fan of JoAnnas and just love her work. I have taken two of her classes and they are great! I am hoping to take another one is CT this fall.

  4. Your studio is amazing! I love everything you have done, the color, the tables and your art..... What a wonderful room.