Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dog Designs

I love dogs and this little one is no exception. I had a black Chihuahua when I was a kid so when a saw Buster I was drawn to him. He is so friendly and loves people.  I met him at the SLC artist market last week and he was sporting his own handmade jewelry.  I thought this was a neat idea.  His owner decided that Buster needed to have a name necklace and ordered a custom one from me.  I brought it to the market yesterday and had so much fun measuring his neck and fitting him for his own necklace.   Everyone at the booth was admiring little Buster in his new necklace. His owner says he only weights 4.5 pounds. I never thought that I would ever design an order for doggie jewelry but this was so much fun that I want to create doggie designs.  His owner snapped this cute photo of Buster all decked out in his new design and sent it to me.  I have all kinds of ideas and am looking forward to creating more designs for dogs.

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