Friday, September 16, 2011

Skeleton Key Bracelets

I have been busy making a few extra pieces to take with me to Art-is-You.  These key bracelets were originally in Belle Armoire Jewelry 2010 spring issue.  There is a how to article in the magazine if you want to make one.  I made 4 bracelets this week but still have to solder the jump rings closed.   My studio is a huge mess and there is about 5 inches of working space. It looks like a tornado hit it and I am not kidding.  I seem to create the biggest messes when I am creating things.  I really get  into what I am making and supplies just seems to land everywhere.  Who has time to clean it up? I just close the door and then next time I go in there I make another mess and it piles up.  When I need to find something, then start cleaning it up, but it never really gets very clean.  There are priorities after all and designing and creating jewelry is a lot more important then cleaning the studio.  I like to tell myself that the problem is the space is to small and if it was bigger then it would be organized.  The truth is if it were bigger than I would have a bigger mess and even more supplies.

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  1. I try to think of studio mess as "haphazard beauty which graces me, ultimately giving rise to its own consciousness, demanding the magic, that only I possess, to transform if from strewn chaos into wondrous creation."