Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Art-is-You Petaluma

I have been busy getting  ready for the Art-is-You retreat that is in Petaluma, CA.  It starts Sept 22-27 and it is the first one on the west coast.  The hosts are Sallianne and Ellen and although we haven't met they are so great at organizing this event and have all kinds of fun activities planned for the attendees.  I am taking lots of classes with really great instructors such as JoAnna Pierotti who is teaching an art doll class and her blog is at: : and Micheal deMeng's Pretty Vial Things, his blog is at:  I am hoping to learn lots of new techniques that I may be able to use in my jewelry, but mostly I am just going for fun and to hang out with some really great friends I met at the Art and Soul retreat  in Las Vegas last year.   I will have a booth in Petaluma and some of the pieces I will be selling are pictured above.  If you are interested in attending this creative event the web address is:


  1. Hello Roomie! :) Can't wait to pick you up from the SF Airport and start our excusion to Art Is You!!! Whoo Hoo!
    Love your pieces and can't wait to meet you in person ~ i've been a fan from afar!
    I'm busy creating for my event Tinsel and Treasuries coming Sept. 10th.
    Keep creating my new friend!


  2. I look forward to meeting you Debby! I can;t wait to hear about your event.

  3. Wish I could attend. I'd love to meet some of the awesome artists I follow online and take classes from and to see all of your work and take some classes in person. It sounds like such a blast. Perhaps I'll make it to an event eventually. Thanks for sharing!