Friday, July 2, 2010

Resin Bezels

I have had a busy week in Park city, but had a lot of fun.  The weather has been scary as the winds picked up a blew everything around.  It felt like we would be swept off the mountain again.  Please mother nature can you give us a break?   I met a lot of people from last year who came back to buy my jewelry.  It was really neat to see people from last year and they still wanted to buy my jewelry.  If you have not been to the market they have wonderful artisan bread created by Volker himself who is the market manager.  Homemade jams, goat cheese, metal sculptures, clothing, handmade feed sack aprons, and wonderful food.  The market is at the Canyons ski resort and is on Wed from 12-6pm.  We will be at the 25th street market in Ogden starting on July 10th at 8-1pm.  I hope to see some familiar faces.

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