Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Steam Punk Hearts

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Once again I am  open for business after not being on my blog for about a year.  I had some tough medical problems with my neck surgery and problems with my lower spine. With Kevin's cancer it has been a long hard ride.  I like to remember that quote: "that sometimes life throw you curve balls, it is what you do with them that can make the difference."   Giving up was really on my mind, but life won't let you get away with that, so here I am.  I have had these necklaces ready to list and have had several requests but was unable to fulfill those requests in the past.  I am trying to make up for it and hope I did not disappoint anyone.  I hope you enjoy looking at these pictures.  If I get enough response on these My daughter and I can teach a class on how to make them.  They are ready just in time for Valentines Day.  You can find them on my ETSY site off the left hand side of blog.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Pictures of my Beautiful Children

My beautiful Children, from left to right Nichole, Jordan, and Brooke.  Oh! and my beautiful dog "Hank"  I love the picture of Brooke with Hank.  I think if Kelsey took this picture of Hank with his tongue hanging out she would have to shoot it 1000 times to get another one like it.  Hank is a German Wire Hair and a rescued hunting dog.   He went out today with dad to go hunting.  He loves chasing and fetching all the birds. My son is the only kid at home now and is single. Just reminding the ladies out there.  He would not like it if he saw this. I wish Jordan would have taken off his glasses for the photo, but you can see his beautiful blue eyes in the other picture.
I have been a little absent on my blog lately and am going to try better to keep up with it.  I am working on some new jewelry pieces that I will try and post  post soon.  Last year was tough with all my back problems. I am waiting for approval to have another MRI done of my cervical/thoracic spine. I have had one spinal fusion/surgery done and am hoping to avoid another.  It is getting very hard to deal with my back problems but I am trying to take it one day at a time right now.   I am hoping to finish some jewelry that has been in limbo for a while. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Nichole and Adam are getting married

I have another wedding to announce. May daughter Nichole is getting married to Adam Carver on Sept 22nd.  When I found out my daughters were both getting married this summer I was both sad and happy for them at the same time.  In some ways I feel I am giving up a part of my life as they move on and make there own little paths in life.   I now understand with the marriage of my first daughter in June that I am not giving them away but gaining two wonderful sons.  I will have now have three sons and two daughter's and for the first time in my life I now have more son's then daughter's.  I am sure that won't last long as my son is still at home and single.  Hint Hint!  He would hate if he read this, so please don't tell him.  Jordan has no  plans to get married for a long time and I am really happy about that as he is still home.  The good thing is I will not have to plan and finance any weddings, at least for a while.  I have to admit it has been fun helping my kids create their beautiful weddings, even if they refused to have a double wedding to help their mother keep her sanity.  It has been a busy year with a job change in May, Brooke's wedding in June, the Utah Arts Festival in June, surgery in July, vacation in August and now the upcoming wedding of Nichole on Sept 22nd. Sometimes I think I will be glad when this year is all over, but the good thing is it is not over.  I now have a larger family which is nice since I grew up with only one brother and have very little family left on my side, except for a couple of uncles and cousins I rarely see.  Congratulation's Nichole and Adam.  I am looking forward to see my beautiful, talented and artistic daughter get married.  It will be a memory that will be etched in my brain and live in my heart forever.  I look forward to your special day as your life forges it own path.