Friday, June 15, 2012

Brooke is getting Married!!!

I have not posted on my blog in a while because I have been so busy planning my two daughters weddings and dealing with family health problems. This is a picture of Brooke and Jared.  Brooke is my youngest daughter and is getting married on June 29th in the Bountiful temple. I am so happy and very proud of her and we just love Jared.  I am excited to have another son in the family and will now have my son Jordan and Jared as well.  He is a collage student and goes to BYU and is majoring in psychology.  He has plans to be a psychologist.   Brooke is planning on finishing her collage education as well and is well on her way to earning her BSN in science but not sure of her major yet. She is a math wizz and may end up going into engineering.  I will post some more bridals and beautiful wedding pictures soon.   The reception is at the Grand Ball Room in Bountiful Utah on June 29th from 6-8pm.   She has chosen purple and gray as her colors.  I will be fun to decorate and prepare for the wedding.  I good friend reminded me last week to make sure and take the time to enjoy everything and not get to caught up in all the planning a busy work. Thank you for that advise because it was just what I needed to hear. It has been a stressful year for our family but it is going to turn out to be a very happy year.  I just have to have faith and keep looking at all the blessings and positive things in our lives.  Brooke is the baby of the family and it will be hard to see her go, but life has passages and this is Brookes time to shine.

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