Monday, March 26, 2012

Jewelry Affair

A good friend of mine went treasure hunting at a flea market in California. She found lots of keyholes and was so sweet to share them with me.  She knew I loved to make jewelry out of found objects with an industrial edge. So that is how these necklaces were born.  I have worn a few of these and gave some as gifts and many people really seemed to like them, so a sent a few of the  necklaces to Jewelry Affair. You can find them in the upcoming April 2012 issue that will be available on April 1st. In the article you can learn how to make the keyhole necklaces.  If you do not find this publication in your store then you can find Somerset magazine publications at:

I hand stamped this necklace with the words: "Key to my heart." This is the one you see in the picture that has a key for a clasp.  I have added collaged words on the sides of some of them for an easy and fun idea to personalize them.  Also, the designs in the magazine are different then the ones pictured on my site. I love that they are not all them same. 


  1. Get out! Another publication!!! YOU GO DENISE!!! That is so great. And BTW, I treasure my keyhole necklace.

  2. Congratulations, Denise! I sure look forward to buying the magazine! Very nice pieces!! Thanks for sharing here!


  3. Hi I'd love to have you as a featured vendor over at, e-mail me if you are interested, thanks love your stuff, so unique and fun!!