Friday, March 11, 2011

Sally Jean Alexander's Class

I went to Art and Soul in Vegas and had fun spending time with some really fun girls
that I met last year at Art and Soul.  We had so much fun taking Sally Jean's Perfume bottle class.
 This is Kim and she is so cute and fun to hang out with, here she is working on her Perfume bottle.
Here is Carol sporting some of her really nice jewelry. She has so much talent.
This is a cool picture of hollywood aka: Anne. She looks so cute in her glasses
and as you might have guessed she is really outgoing and fun to hang out with.
This is a picture of Sally's perfume bottle it is really great, It is made
with white vintage rosary beads and chandelier crystals.  I wanted to steal it.  
All of the necklaces turned out really nice, but some of them are
not put together yet. I will post some more of them as soon as I they are finished 
and I receive pictures (hint, hint).

Don't you just love the way she finished it?  It is hard to tell how 
beautiful it is because my camera did not show all of the details.

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