Saturday, May 15, 2010

I have just finished putting some of these little keys on ribbons and will be posting them on my etsy site.  Watch for the new June issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry and you will find some keys designs in that issue and directions on how to make them. I will also have them available in Park City on June 2nd at the Canyons from 12-6pm.  I will be there every Wed in June and the first week of July. Then it is off to Ogden for the opening of the market there on Saturday July 10th. Let me know if you guys like these? or you have any ideas for these little keys.


  1. I like that your keys are a little different - with a sort of 'backing'. Not sure if I'm explaining it right. Anyhow, I like them. A lot. I also think they'd look great next to some deep red crystals or stones.

  2. I am going to have to put them on a necklace with some beading. Great idea!!!