Friday, July 30, 2010

It has been a while since my last post.  I have been so busy mostly having fun.  I went to Los Gatos, CA for an art retreat called An Artful Journey.  I stayed with a really good friend, Carol and her sister Nancy.  We had such wonderful food since Carol is a really good cook.  I am still waiting for those cookie recipes (hint, hint).   We all took a class with Stephanie Lee who taught us some really fun jewelry techniques.  It was one of the best classes I have ever taken.  

This is the retreat center in Los Gatos, CA it is about 30 minutes from San Hose

 Carol, Nancy, and me hanging out at half Moon Bay.  We saw some really good looking surfers. I am sorry I did not have a picture of Richard who was such a good sport.

Carol and Nancy hanging out with Stephanie Lee

Three soldered boxes that we made in class

Nancy's box is so pretty and I love the ribbons


This is Carol's necklace. I love the design and religious symbolism

Monday, July 5, 2010

Tree Necklace

My 19 year old son had the idea to make a tree piece yesterday.  After I drew the tree he cut it out with a jewelers saw and punched all the little tree leaves by hand and the grass at the bottom.  He then drilled holes in the two pieces.  He gave me the cutout and I decided it was so cute that I wanted to make another piece with it.  I decided to solder it onto a piece of copper and then put a patina on it. I then had him cut out some vintage sterling tubing I took off an old necklace.  I wired wrapped the tubing with sterling for the top of both pieces.  It was really fun collaborating on a project together.  The only problem is I love these so much it will be hard to part with them.  This week is going to be busy as I will be going to Park City on Wed at the Canyons for the market from 12-6, and then the Ogden market opens on Sat from 8-3.  I will be at both places, so you can come and see our the jewelry.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Seahorse Dreams Necklace

The seahorse dreams necklace is in the July 2010 issue of Belle Armoire Artistic Clothing and Accessories.  The picture is more gray then the actual necklace which is done in verdigris green patina.  All the little links where made by hand and the resin filled bezel has tiny seashells inside.  The book like cover opens up to reveal vintage papers inside.  The sterling findings are from Bali beads (tiny fish and seashell).  I had lots of fun creating this necklace that reminds me of the days I spent at Agate beach in northern California.  I spent three days there collecting agates that washed up on shore.  I am sure my family had finally thought I had lost it, as I collected these little semiprecious stones.  I guess I looked a little silly as I did not want to leave.  Why should I have to when all of these stones where just ripe for the picking?  I hope to go back there someday, if I can get the family to take me.  Hopefully they don't remember how I acted.  I love to create jewelry and this is one of my favorite pieces.  I am waiting to get it back from the magazine so I can wear it.

Resin Bezels

I have had a busy week in Park city, but had a lot of fun.  The weather has been scary as the winds picked up a blew everything around.  It felt like we would be swept off the mountain again.  Please mother nature can you give us a break?   I met a lot of people from last year who came back to buy my jewelry.  It was really neat to see people from last year and they still wanted to buy my jewelry.  If you have not been to the market they have wonderful artisan bread created by Volker himself who is the market manager.  Homemade jams, goat cheese, metal sculptures, clothing, handmade feed sack aprons, and wonderful food.  The market is at the Canyons ski resort and is on Wed from 12-6pm.  We will be at the 25th street market in Ogden starting on July 10th at 8-1pm.  I hope to see some familiar faces.